Monday, October 31, 2011

YouTube Video: Acrylic Painting Demo--Artist's Mannequin

In this 21 minute video, I demonstrate how to paint an artist's mannequin in acrylic. Emphasis is on mixing, establishing, and applying a range of values, especially the creation of highlights and shadows from tints and shades in order to create the illusion of a monochromatic 3-D form. I hope you'll find the tone conversational but informative.

This demo or tutorial is very specific to a challenge I had given my Art Foundations students, but my intention is that you find it helpful for teaching your students to paint any cylindrical form.


  1. What a fantastic acrylic painting tutorial- thanks for taking the time to make and share this!

  2. Acrylic painting tutorial is another kind of paint that we need to learn also. Sometimes we much appreciate a thing if we already how to make it.

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  4. I love the video and the skill sets taught for this video piece. You mention that it is part of a specific "challenge" and I noticed that many of your lesson begin with a challenge.

    For this project, what challenge did the students begin with?

  5. Hi Mr. Hreha~
    You ask a good question...I wish I had the challenge posted here on my blog, but I'm afraid I have sorely neglected this blog over the last couple of years due to other priorities. My current students are working on this challenge right now, so maybe I will make time to post the challenge/unit and end results. I can at least post finished pieces from last year which were terrific. Last year's group was challenged to express a social issue through a linear patter of tape stenciling on mat board (that they washed over in the complementary color of the board to neutralize), 3 painted mannequins (2 in one of the complementary colors and 1 in the other) or parts of mannequins, and small hand-written text--not labels or captions. I called it "Take a Stand." This year's students just finished a social issues piece, so they are dealing more ambiguously with emotion or psychological states. They've just finished their thumbnails and some have almost completed their tape stenciling. Stay tuned! And feel free to email me directly with questions at I can also attach a couple of images from last year. Cheers!

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  8. I agree thank you for taking the time to make the video and posting it! Wonderful.

  9. Thanks for sharing on this awesome video, for sure I learn more knowledge from here.


  10. It's cool to think how easy it is to do this but it's not really easy at all. It just looks so easy to do. Anyway, it's really cool what you have shown here and I am pretty much becoming a big fan fast. Thanks for sharing.

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